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S3 - Stock Range

S3 - Stock Range

Available Thickness: 18mm

Available Heights: 140 x 18 mm

This profile is part of our Best Buys Stock range which means it is in Stock and Primed ready for pickup or dispatch.

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Our profiles are matched exactly to the mouldings produced in the specific housing period.

Can be used as architrave or skirting

What is a architrave?

A decorative trim that is typically used to frame doorways, windows, or other architectural elements.

It is often placed around the outer boundary or the external surface of a door or window, creating a border or frame.

Architrave mouldings can vary in design and style, ranging from simple and understated to elaborate and ornate, depending on the architectural context and the desired aesthetic.

The primary functions of an architrave includes:

Decoration: primarily used to enhance the visual appeal of doors, windows, and other openings. They can add a sense of elegance and style to a space.

Transition: help create a smooth transition between the door or window frame and the surrounding wall, covering any gaps or joints for a finished look.

Definition: provide definition and emphasis to architectural features, helping to highlight and draw attention to the openings they frame.

Architrave mouldings are a common architectural element found in various styles of construction, including traditional, classical, and contemporary designs.

The specific design and dimensions of architrave mouldings can vary based on architectural traditions, regional styles, and individual preferences.

What is a skirting?

Also known as a baseboard or base moulding, it is a MRMDF or Timber board that runs along the base of an interior wall. It is positioned at the junction of the wall and the floor, serving both practical and aesthetic purposes.

Skirting boards have several functions:

Aesthetic Enhancement: often used for decorative purposes, providing a finishing touch to a room. They come in various styles and profiles, allowing homeowners to choose a design that complements the overall aesthetic of the space.

Protection: One of the practical functions of skirting boards is to protect the bottom of the walls from damage, such as scuff marks, kicks, or impacts from furniture. They act as a barrier that shields the wall from wear and tear.

Concealing Gaps: useful for concealing gaps or uneven joints between the wall and the floor. They create a neat and seamless transition between these two surfaces.

Covering Wiring or Pipework: can be designed with a gap or a removable section to hide electrical wiring, cables, or pipework that may run along the bottom of the wall.

Historical or Architectural Style: often chosen based on the architectural style of a building. Different periods and architectural styles may have distinct skirting board designs that contribute to the overall character of the interior.

Skirting boards are commonly found in residential and commercial buildings.

Easy to cut, nail and glue

Pre primed MRMDF, ready to paint

This profile can be made in other sizes which is MADE TO ORDER and shown here

Available Thickness: 18mm

Available Heights: 140 x 18 mm

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