Collection: Curved Architraves

A curved architrave in a home is a decorative moulding or trim that is specifically designed to have a curved or arched shape. It is typically used around doorways, windows, and other architectural features to add a decorative and aesthetically pleasing element to the home's interior. Curved architraves are used for several reasons:

Aesthetic Enhancement: Curved architraves are used to enhance the visual appeal of a space. Their graceful curves and intricate designs can add an elegant and luxurious touch to the interior, making it more aesthetically pleasing.

Architectural Emphasis: They help draw attention to architectural elements such as doorways or windows. The curved shape can act as a framing device, highlighting and accentuating these features.

Customization: Curved architraves are often custom-made to fit specific architectural designs and dimensions. This allows homeowners and designers to tailor the trim to their unique interior decor and style preferences.

Historical or Period Styles: In homes designed in historical or period-specific styles, curved architraves can be used to replicate the architectural details of that era, providing a sense of authenticity and heritage.

Sophistication: They can lend an air of sophistication and luxury to a room, making it feel more upscale and refined.

Integration with Other Features: Curved architraves can be part of a larger design scheme, complementing other architectural elements, such as moldings, baseboards, and crown moldings.

While curved architraves are primarily decorative, they serve a crucial role in interior design by contributing to the overall ambiance and aesthetics of a space. They are often found in upscale homes and properties with a focus on intricate detailing and custom craftsmanship.