The Humble Beginnings:

The Australian Moulding Company was established by Hugh Gilchrist and his father.

Hugh, was and still is a very driven individual who become a registered builder at the young age of 21.

He discovered a gap in the market while restoring heritage homes in Melbourne. Faced with the challenge to find matching architrave and skirtings for his projects, he envisioned a solution. This marked the inception of his ambitious venture, The Australian Moulding Company, aimed at providing tailored solutions for heritage home renovations and construction projects.

Hugh and his father purchased an old, run-down moulding machine, affectionately referred to as "the piece of junk."


Restoring the Machine:

Despite its condition, Hugh and his father decide to give the old moulding machine a new lease on life. 

They dedicate themselves to the project, pulling apart the machine, replacing motors and bearings, and even repainting it to make it look brand new. 

The machine still bears the GUBISCH plate, a testament to their dedication to craftsmanship.


Gilchrist Sons Take the Reins:

Hugh Gilchrist and his brother, Guy Gilchrist, step up and purchase their father's share of the business. 

The business is divided into three parts, with Guy handling machining and truck driving, Hugh managing machining, tooling, templating, and sales representation, and another partner focusing on sales exclusively. 


Equal Partnership:

Hugh and Guy transition to a 50/50 ownership split, taking full control of the business's operations. 


Expanding Horizons:

The company purchases a 700-square-meter factory in Bayswater, marking their first significant expansion. 

This expansion sets the stage for further growth.


Acquisition of The Architrave Company:

AMDC acquires The Architrave Company, broadening their product range and market presence. 


Bigger Space in Bayswater: 

The Bayswater factory is expanded to 2000 square meters, allowing for increased production capacity and storage.


Further Expansion and Diversification: 

Another expansion in Bayswater, this time to a sprawling 3000 square meters. 

The company invests in a priming line, transforming from no priming to handling 70% of primed work.


Sole Ownership: 

Hugh Gilchrist becomes the sole owner of AMDC. 

The company continues to grow, expanding its factory space to 4000 square meters while remaining in Bayswater. 


Expanding Facilities: 

AMDC acquires a property on 863 Mountain Hwy, Bayswater, to accommodate its vision of a new 6,000-square-meter factory.


Beyond Victoria: 

AMDC expands its operations into the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), New South Wales (NSW), and South Australia (SA), reaching new markets.


Standout Performances: 

The company wins the award for the best Home Show stand in both April and August, showcasing their commitment to excellence. 


Expanding Further North:

AMDC expands into Queensland (QLD), solidifying its presence in the northern region.


A New Home:

The company moves into the 6,000-square-meter facility at 863 Mountain Hwy, Bayswater, bringing their vision for a larger, more modern factory to life. 

With decades of hard work, dedication, and strategic growth, AMDC continues to thrive and evolve, leaving a lasting mark on the Australian door and moulding industry. 


Next Generation Joins the Family Business:

A momentous occasion as son, Jake Gilchrist and daughter, Jessica Marshall officially step into the family manufacturing business. They bring their fresh perspective and unwavering commitment to continue our legacy. 

Purchased a 5 axis router machine giving the company the ability to complete full lock and pre hinge preparation for doors, jambs and door seals. Setting the vision to open new avenues for customers.  



The unrivalled specialist in moulding and door craftsmanship, setting the gold standard across Australia.

We aspire to be the pinnacle of high-end, Australian-made excellence, infusing our heritage with cutting-edge technology and innovation.

At the heart of our success lies a collaborative culture that empowers our people to shape the future of our industry.

Together, we will craft the doors to innovation, leading the way in craftsmanship, technology, and collaboration, setting the benchmark for excellence in every home we touch.

1. Lead the way in the manufacturing industry by continually investing in state-of-the-art global technology.

2. Quality is the cornerstone of our decision-making process, ensuring that every product and service we offer exceeds expectations.

3. Nurturing lasting relationships and partnerships within the building industry, fostering a culture of collaboration and growth.

4. Commitment to invest in our people, empowering them to innovate and excel.

5. Value and amplify the voices of our customers and employees, making them integral in shaping our future and ensuring our unwavering dedication to excellence.


Only the best products being Australian Manufactured. It encompasses various aspects, including performance, durability, reliability, aesthetics, and meeting customer expectations. We aim for consistency in high quality products to exceed standards. Quality is a fundamental consideration and a critical factor in ensuring customer satisfaction and long-term success all all out decision making. 


The unconditional commitment to giving the highest level of service to every person, regardless of the circumstances. We aim for above and beyond standard expectations, leaving customers with a highly positive and memorable experience. Key elements of our customer experience includes responsiveness, personalisation, Knowledge, empathy, problem solving, timeliness and going that extra mile. 


A deep and unwavering commitment or faithfulness to a person, group, cause, or organisation. It involves a sense of allegiance and devotion, where individuals demonstrate steadfast support and dedication, even in the face of challenges or competing options. 

Solution orientated

This mindset is an approach to problem-solving and decision-making that focuses on finding and implementing solutions rather than dwelling on problems or obstacles. Key principles Positive focus, Problem identification, Goal orientated, Creativity, Adaptability and Collaboration 

Mutually Respectful

A fundamental aspect of healthy and positive relationships, whether in personal, professional, or social contexts. It involves recognizing and valuing the inherent worth, dignity, and individuality of each person involved. We aim to Acknowledge differences, Listen with empathy, Equality, respecting boundaries and have open communication.