What are MRMDF Short Run Set up Fees?


Our team of experts at Australian Moulding & Door Company specialise in crafting unique, custom architraves, skirting boards and blocks… and more.


It’s a world with its own unique language (that you’ll be pleased to know that we’re fluent in!) – and that can seem confusing to people renovating or building their dream home.


Many of the things our customers want explained in more detail have to do with fees – especially when it comes to helping people understand how our set-up fees work and why we have them.


No question is a silly one to us – because we understand how important it is to budget carefully for any reno or building project.

Let’s begin with our MRMDF short-run set-up fees and break it down into an easy-to-read explanation.


First, it’s important to know that the explanation here is for our MRMDF short-run set-up fees ONLY (Timber Set-up fees apply and are explained in another article).


What is MRMDF?


The acronym stands for Moisture Resistant Medium Density Fibreboard.

It’s a versatile – and very durable – material that’s specifically designed to withstand moisture and humidity.


Compressed wood fibres are mixed with resin to manufacture panels – and because it’s strong and sturdy, it’s ideal for mouldings, including skirting boards and architraves around your home in dry areas only. It is generally used for painted finishes only.


Short-run fees only apply to orders of MRMDF under 30 meters for each individual profile code


Next…it’s also important to know that our short-run set-up fees only apply to MRMDF if your order is less than 30 metres, or costs less than $100. The reason we charge the short-run set-up fee is simple. It covers the time our team members take to set up the special machinery required.


What exactly needs to be set up?


For any short-run order, we need to select the cutter required for each specific profile code.


Did you know that we have more than 5000 individual profiles to choose from? Each one is different – so it means we can usually always find one to match your existing products, or we can also custom-create one to match what you need if we don’t already have a profile code to match.


Because some profiles are more detailed than others, they can require up to three cutter changes to be sharpened depending on the quantity of your order. And, as you can imagine, that takes time.


Machining profiles requires perfect precision, so we sharpen, and then clean, our cutters before machining each new profile – to ensure your product looks its absolute best.


The next step is adjusting the side head to suit the width of the material sides. Then, the focus is on the top profiling, which is when we put the tool in place.


Last, we need to profile the frog into all the architrave and skirting profiles.


Remember, though, if you order more than 30 metres of MRMDF, there are ZERO short-run set-up fees. However, if your order is less than 31 metres, or it adds up to less than $100, you can help plan your budget by estimating around $60 (plus GST) for each unique profile code.


In summary, whether we are setting up for 1 length of MRMDF (5.4 meters) or hundreds of lengths of MRMDF it still takes the same time to set up the machine. This is why the fee applies.


Talk to our team


We hope that makes sense! If you want anything explained in more detail, you can always pick up the phone to talk to one of our friendly, knowledgeable team? We mean it when we say there are no silly questions. And because we love what we do, we’re always happy to talk about how we can help you get products you love to help turn your house into a home.

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