What is a Solid Timber Door?



At AMDC, we apply our uncompromising eye for detail to everything we do including the craftsmanship involved in manufacturing quality, Australian-made solid timber doors in our own factory.


The first step to crafting any solid timber door is to select high-quality timber. We offer a large range of timber species, including:

  • KDHW
  • American Oak
  • Blackbutt
  • Hoop Pine
  • Tasmanian Oak
  • Spotted Gum
  • Blackwood


With the wood selected, precision measurements are applied to cut the door panels to fit your chosen frame. Our AMDC range of solid timber doors features 10 unique styles for you to choose from PLUS we also craft genuinely bespoke, custom solid timber doors to suit your individual style and your home’s architectural era.


Once the panels are ready, it’s time to shape the door rails for the frame, carefully create the joints to join the individual components of the frame, and then shape and sand the door panels to piece it all, perfectly, together.


Your door can feature glass, plywood, or a fielded panel the finer details are up to your taste (and budget). 


The necessary hardware, such as handles and hinges, are added only once the wood stain or paint is added – leaving you to get your door looking exactly the way you want it, to suit your space.


You can learn more about our range, and manufacturing processes here and getting a quote is just as easy!


With prices of our solid timber doors starting from RRP $800.00, we’re sure you’ll find a door you’ll love supported by all the design advice you need from our door and moulding specialists.


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