Bringing the Spirit of Spain to Glen Waverly: A Home built with Heart and Soul



There’s a lot of heart into this house,” says owner builder Muralee Muraledaran OAM.

The passionate choices he made about selecting the premium products to complete his stunning family home led him to the team of experts at Australian Moulding & Door Company.

With curved architraves, skirting boards and gorgeous bespoke doors that welcome visitors to the Glen Waverley home in grand style, Muralee says the display in the AMDC showroom gave him access to a diverse range of products - and the professional advice that made him feel confident in his selections.

Although he is highly regarded in the complex field of medical science, Muralee says that, because he is not a builder, he needed professional advice he could trust to help ensure that the right calculations were being made and that the perfect combinations of products were ordered.

It was that expertise combined with the professional, experienced ability to visualise the finished look of each quality product that meant the AMDC team was able to support his building project by helping him achieve the luxurious look and feel that is such a hallmark of his home.


Trusted professionals make a lasting difference


For Muralee, trust in the AMDC team had already been built years earlier when a previous home build was completed using products from the Australian Moulding & Door Company.

The staff are well organised. They are very friendly to their customers,” he says.

It was a customer service experience that, he says, gave him “a lot of comfort, without any fear”.

Muralee knew his aspirations for the home were ambitious, but, with design inspiration taken from trips to Barcelona and Madrid, he asked himself “why can’t we bring that to Australia?”.

With their ability to craft custom profiles and moulding products, the AMDC team showed Muralee that his wish could become a reality.

The result is a home Muralee feels proud to live in - and it is a feeling that he says is enhanced each new day he takes in the craftsmanship of the unique details that add such a richly intricate aesthetic throughout the two-storey property.

But even if you aren’t planning a home that could grace the pages of a high-end interior design magazine, the AMDC team’s expertise and attention to detail can provide the right advice to guide you through your own building or renovation project - from helping you match architraves, doors and skirting to suit your home’s architectural style, or even custom-creating profiles to help you create a truly unique look.

As Muralee knows, putting heart into the home you want to call your own matters - and finding moulding and door specialists who appreciate that special love is the best way to lay a positive foundation for design success, no matter how big or small your building and renovation dreams are.


Project Product Details 



 Downstairs & Upstairs Doors

RAW MRMDF Router Door, TIMBER FRAME, LAMBS TONGUE, STL1, Std Stiles, Rails & Panels 

Various custom door sizes which ranged from RRP $350 to $450 + gst per door. 

RAW MRMDF Router Door, TIMBER FRAME, LAMBS TONGUE, STL1 with Glazed with 8 Lite 6.38mm Clear Lams & Colonial Glazing Bars, GBR Rebated, Std Stiles, Rails & Panels.

Various custom door sizes which ranged from RRP $900 to $1,000 + gst per door 


Primed MRMDF
Profile: M235
Size: 90X25MM 

Primed MRMDF starts from RRP $7-$8 +gst per meter

Skirting Boards 

Primed MRMDF
rofile: M116
Size: 180X25MM 

Primed MRMDF starts from RRP $13-$14 +gst per meter

Primed MRMDF
Profile: DAR (Dressed all round)
Size: 120X18MM 

Primed MRMDF starts from RRP $7-$8 +gst per meter

Skirting Block
Primed MRMDF
Profile: WS2
Size: 190X32MM 

Primed MRMDF starts from RRP $16-$17 +gst per meter

 Curved Architrave 

Primed MRMDF
Profile: M235  

Size: 90X25MM 

RAW MRMDF curves start from RRP $250 - $350 +gst per curve

Custom curve template is required. 



Accessory Mouldings

Dado Rail
Primed MRMDF
Profile: DR31
Size: 70 x 29MM

Primed MRMDF starts from RRP $7-$8 +gst per meter


Bolection Mould 

Primed MRMDF
Profile: BM30
Size: 44 x 22MM

Primed MRMDF starts from RRP $4.50-$5.50 +gst per meter

Do you want to bring your vision to life too? Book a Showroom visit with the AMDC team to help guide you through your building or renovation project. 


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