Tennille Joy Interiors

Full Name:

Tennille Joy Burnup

Business Name:

Tennille Joy Interiors

Showcase Space:

The Bench Seat Nook

Do you love my AMDC showroom design?

What do you love most about AMDC products?

There's something for everyone with AMDC. From the Hamptons to a play with modern texture and style, AMDC are able to create beautiful products according to our brief.

How would you describe your 'design style' in a few words?

A mix of colour, pattern, texture and styles to create a unique and interesting space

What is your unique selling point? Why do clients typically choose to work with you?

I work very closely with the clients wishlist to create their dream space. My experience of over 25 years, enables the best designs / products and materials are specified for the best outcome.

Tell us a bit about you and your design journey?

A third-generation interior designer, Tennille was inspired by watching her mother create considered and beautiful spaces. As a child, Tennille luxuriated in the aromas of the family furniture store and in the textures of textiles in her mother’s decorating store. Honouring the integrity of a design piece is a family tradition.