Rebecca Jansma Interior Design

Full Name:

Rebecca Jansma

Business Name:

Rebecca Jansma Interior Design

Showcase Space:

Panelled Sitting Room

Do you love my AMDC showroom design?

What do you love most about AMDC products?

Firstly, the range! Being incredibly vast in nature, the options are countless. One of the most helpful aspects of AMDC products is the customisation and matching of the existing profiles. This coupled with the professional advice and ready availability of samples makes AMDC an invaluable resource in our Interior Design practice.

How would you describe your 'design style' in a few words?

Well considered, detailed design that delicately balances functionality with beauty. Our design solutions add sophistication, personality and timeless style to the most essential living spaces within a home.

What is your unique selling point? Why do clients typically choose to work with you?

With over 12 years experience in Interior Design we are known for effortlessly combining crisp, clean architecture with thoughtful, detailed and tightly resolved interior solutions. With a passion for natural materials, and the inherent beauty and authenticity they bring to spaces alongside a love of contemporary art, our design solutions create casually elegant spaces that are warm, comfortable and very liveable. A priority is placed on nurturing the client relationship to ensure the most successful and rewarding outcomes, aesthetically and functionally, as well as the more pragmatic deliverables such as budget and timelines. 

Tell us a bit about you and your design journey?

I landed in Interior Design as a third career after 15 years in the Medical field of Haematology and Microbiology and then managing mining laboratories. It wasn’t a natural progression, but the result of deep soul-searching surrounding where my passion lay and how I could work independently in a field that gave me a sense of wonder and joy every day. I retrained at RMIT and slowly built up my own studio which is now a thriving space with three designers and clients Australia wide. Nature is always my first inspiration, and the place to start if I ever feel stuck with a space or a design. Go for a walk in the bush or along a river and see the colour combinations; the textures and the absolutely crazy combinations of colour and pattern nature puts together will always surpass anything we can conceive. I also find inspiration in historical references - art, architecture and design. Nothing is new, and everything is derivative - it inspires and connects us as human beings.