Primed Skirting Boards

Our Ultimate Primed Finish

Australian Moulding & Door Company has for many years been the leader in providing highly finished, ready to paint surfaces of skirting boards and architraves within the industry. Our commitment to offering the best possible product has compelled us to research, develop and implement new techniques in our manufacturing process so we can still say today that our range is not only the largest, but also of the best quality available.

Natural Finish or Pre-Primed

Our customers have many choices to make when buying from our large range. One such decision is between natural finish or pre-primed. Australian Moulding & Door Company now offers “Ultimate Primed Finish”, where our entire range can be supplied pre-primed providing enormous installation benefits and of course, dollar savings (see comparison graph below).

Our “Ultimate Primed Finish” sees the mouldings pass through a rigorous 5 stage process before being classified “Ultimate Primed”

5 Stage Process

  • Architraves and skirtings are pre-sanded
  • First coat of primer is applied and then oven dried
  • A second sanding process is completed
  • A second coat of primer is applied and oven dried
  • Third and final sand through our new 12 head sander

The Ultimate Finish is 90-95% ready for immediate top coat application allowing for substantial cost saving. Ultimate Primed Finish comparison to an onsite painter for cost and time prior to final coat application stage.