Dreampods Group

Full Name:

Savitri Gandakusumah

Business Name:

Dreampods Group

Showcase Space:

Commercial Cafe

Do you love my AMDC showroom design?

What do you love most about AMDC products?

The attention to detail in AMDC products is really impressive. Every little feature and function is thoughtfully designed at high quality. It is also Australian owned and we are a proud supporter for local business.

How would you describe your 'design style' in a few words?

My design philosophy aims to create a harmonious relationship between humans and their environment. This is achieved by striking a delicate balance between the integration of natural elements, expressive forms, and biophilic design principles, while drawing inspiration from modernist and brutalist design aesthetics.

What is your unique selling point? Why do clients typically choose to work with you?

As a commercial interior design company, our unique selling point is that we put people at the heart of everything we do. Our 3 core values "challenge, support and empowerment" guide us in creating spaces that foster creativity, productivity, and collaboration. We have a client-focused approach that is grounded in research and a deep understanding of human behaviour and psychology. This approach allows us to design spaces that prioritise the needs and well-being of the people who will use them.

Tell us a bit about you and your design journey?

Interior design is the perfect blend of my passions for art, nature, architecture, and psychology What made me an Interior designer is the challenge of problem-solving and the flexibility that it offers. I believe that great design is not just about aesthetics, but also about the functionality and usability of the space. It is about creating an environment that meets the needs of the people who use it, and helps to enhance their quality of life. In addition, interior design has the ability to bring warmth and personality to a space, while also fostering a sense of order, harmony, and connection.