Camilla Molders Design

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Camilla Molders

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Camilla Molders Design

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A blast of Bold!

Do you love my AMDC showroom design?

What do you love most about AMDC products?

We enjoy collaborating with AMDC due to the unparalleled versatility and high quality of their products. The commitment to excellence and the ability to seamlessly integrate these top-tier offerings into her designs allows us to elevate our projects, ensuring they not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients. With a keen eye for quality and a dedication to creating exceptional spaces, we value the partnership with AMDC as it aligns perfectly with our vision for crafting unique, luxurious interiors.

How would you describe your 'design style' in a few words?

Camilla Molders Design embodies a style that champions personalised interiors, celebrating the uniqueness of each space as a reflection of its inhabitants. With an affinity for colour, luxurious textiles, and captivating art, the design approach embraces individuality, creating living spaces that are not just visually stunning but deeply infused with the personality and taste of those who call them home. It's a harmonious blend of creativity, personalisation, and a keen eye for the transformative power of colour and texture.

What is your unique selling point? Why do clients typically choose to work with you?

The unique selling point of interior designer Camilla Molders lies in her unwavering commitment to personalised interiors that transcend mere aesthetics. With a profound understanding of the emotional impact of colour, a passion for luxurious textiles, and an appreciation for captivating art, Camilla crafts living spaces that not only look beautiful but also evoke a distinct and tailored ambiance. Her ability to infuse each project with a client's individuality sets her apart, creating homes that are not only visually stunning but also emotionally resonant, reflecting the essence and unique style of those who inhabit them.

The ideal client for Camilla Molders Design is someone who appreciates bespoke design, possesses a keen sensitivity to how colour influences mood and atmosphere, and values individuality over cookie-cutter aesthetics. Camilla specialties in creating unique and personalised spaces that reflect the clients personality and lifestyle. 

A client with a discerning taste for customised interiors, a desire for a thoughtful and curated colour palette, and an appreciation for a design that goes beyond the mainstream is a perfect match for CMD. 

This ideal client seeks an interior designer to partner with who can transform their living spaces into one -of -a kind havens that not only look stunning but also resonate with a sense of personal identity and style. 

Tell us a bit about you and your design journey?

With over three decades of immersion in the design industry, Camilla Molders stands as a seasoned and visionary interior designer with a remarkable 20 years of hands-on experience. Her illustrious career has been marked by a profound dedication to transforming spaces into personalised works of art. Camilla's journey began over 30 years ago, weaving through the dynamic landscape of design trends, innovations, and evolving tastes. Her vast knowledge and keen eye for detail have allowed her to navigate the ever-changing design world, making her a stalwart force in the industry. With each project, Camilla brings a wealth of expertise, an appreciation for timeless elegance, and an unwavering commitment to crafting living spaces that seamlessly marry form and function.