ABP Interiors

Full Name:

Kris Tsiamis

Business Name:

ABP Interiors

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Designers Desk

Do you love my AMDC showroom design?

What do you love most about AMDC products?

The sheer range of products on offer - whether it's a classic traditional style or a more contemporary space, we are designing, there is an AMDC product that will work in any space!

How would you describe your 'design style' in a few words?

Modern classic, timeless interiors using colour and pattern on pattern.

What is your unique selling point? Why do clients typically choose to work with you?

ABP Interiors partners with discerning homeowners who love using colour and pattern to create timeless interiors. And who also wants the WOW factor!  Unlike most design companies, we pride ourselves on guaranteeing no two home interiors are ever the same.

Tell us a bit about you and your design journey?

Over 15 years ago, Kris took over the reins at A Blind Pash Interiors (ABP). After working in the finance industry, she decided to pursue a career change. With a love of architecture, the building process, and textiles, studying Interior Design was a natural decision.

After graduating from the Interior Design program at RMIT, Kris worked for Mokum Textiles for a number of years. There, she collaborated with some of Melbourne's most renowned Interior Designers and further developed my understanding of interiors, love of fabric, and built great contacts within the industry.

As a design firm, we believe that inspiration can be found in the most unexpected places. We take pride in seeking out inspiration from various sources, including fabrics, objects within our client's homes, the natural world, and even our experiences while traveling.

We understand that every client has unique preferences and tastes, which is why we approach every design project with an open mind and a focus on collaboration. We work closely with our clients to create designs that truly reflect their personal style and preferences. We love to mix old and new elements and incorporate different colors and patterns to create interiors that are as unique as our clients are.

Our passion for textiles is evident in the way we approach our work. We enjoy sourcing unique, one-of-a-kind pieces from Australian suppliers to create beautiful and distinctive interiors. We believe that a home should truly reflect its owner's life, personality, and values, regardless of whether it's a small or large project.

In summary, we find inspiration in everything around us, and we believe that the key to creating beautiful and personalized interiors is to approach each project with an open mind, a collaborative spirit, and a focus on our client's unique needs and preferences.