Beautify Your Home With Timber Mouldings

Beautify Your Home With Timber MouldingsTimber mouldings, such as skirting and architraves, are excellent additions to any home. Improving the look and feel of any room, timber mouldings sit well with a vast range of decors and styles. They add beauty to otherwise banal rooms by emphasising and accentuating edges and doorways, framing spartan surfaces and adding a touch of elegance to your home.

Skirting is essential for any home. Its role is to secure floors and carpet by providing an adjoinment to the wall. They are blending elements, a connection between the disparate elements of floor and wall. Skirting hides any unsightly edges from view, improving the consistency of the roomscape. Styles range from contemporary sleek lines and graceful curves to ornately cut and polished period pieces.

Architraves are a perfect counterpart to skirting. They’re perfect for spicing up any doorway or archway. Talk to us today and find out how Australian Mouldings can beautify your home with quality fixtures!