Styles Of Architrave

Styles of ArchitravesThere are as many styles of architraves as there are styles of home. Each is different, and with good reason – each reflects the tastes and attitudes of you, the owner. It’s important to consider your own taste when choosing an architrave, rather than what’s popular or ‘in’. After all, you’re the one who will be paying for it and seeing it most! At Australian Moulding Co., we realise the huge variation in people’s tastes and cater for it accordingly with our superior range. To get you started, we’ve got a few hints and tips on what styles might be most appropriate, but remember – in the end, it’s up to you.

Architraves are generally used to supply a classic, traditional touch to a given room or hallway. Consequently, we have architraves in the Colonial, Victorian, Edwardian, Federation and Late Edwardian styles. Each are quite different, and suited to individual aesthetics. Homes that strive to replicate that old-time elegance and simplicity may find the Victorian or Edwardian patterned architraves to their tastes. Something still more modern would be a Federation architrave, and more recent again the stepped architrave that pays homage to the art-deco movement of the 1930s onwards.

Every architrave we produce is priced according to length. You don’t pay more for a complex design than a simpler one. This is due to our advanced machinery and streamlined production process, which allows us to design and produce virtually any pattern for an inputted piece of wood. We do this so you can let you imagination run wild, at no extra cost. Want an ornate Victorian architrave, or a simple stepped architrave to add some glamour to your flat? Both can be easily done with Australian Moulding Co. Ring for a free quote – remember, we’re dedicated to service no matter what your preferred style is.