Late Edwardian / Californian Bungalow Period

The Californian Bungalow was a style originally imported from Los Angeles. Also known as the “Cal-bung”, it is a solid and respectable house. With a heavy and firm appearance, it is easily recognisable by a number of distinctive characteristics. Californian Bungalows are usually single storey with double or triple low gabled roofs, painted with batons, wide eaves with exposed rafters, stained glass windows, thick masonary veranda piers or pillars, rough rendered walls, dark bricks, enclosed front porches, high-waisted doors, terracotta shingles or tiled roofs and panelled or wainscoted walls. Below are some of our Late Edwardian/ Californian Bungalow skirting boards, architraves & doors as well as some typical combinations.